Understanding Polygamy

I am one of thirty nine children born to my father's six wives. 

I was born in secrecy and grew up hiding my identity. My siblings and I were raised in fear of a blood thirsty and terrifying God, whose dominance few of us escaped. And fewer still dare to speak about, but I am not the typical product of polygamy.

Infamous intrigue of polygamy, power and murder has made front page news for decades. Several books have been written on the subject. One of them, "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakaur, is a national best seller.

Ervil LeBaron ordered the executions of all those who opposed him, leaving a trail of bodies from Mexico through California, Utah and Texas. The book, "The Le Baron Story" by Verlan M. LeBaron, was written by my brother-in-law.

Did the LDS God Have Sex with the Virgin Mary?

Learn more on the basics of the polygamist Mormon belief system. This is the excuse Polygamists use to justify incest.  

A well known doctor and religious leader was gunned down in his Murray Utah office. The book, "In MY Father's House", by Dorothy Solomon, details the incident.  That murdered doctor was my uncle.

The book, " The Sixth of Seven Wives", was written by my niece. You may have seen her on T.V.

She was trying to help young women escape from Colorado City, a polygamist community on the Utah Arizona boarder. The same community dominated by the Warren Jeffs the infamous fugitive on America's most wanted.

Why Women Accept Polygamy

Doctrines that make polygamy work are basic to all fundamentalists.

For generations we have been a people whose lives and destinies were sealed in blood covenants, based on the belief that:

  1. There are sins the blood of Jesus Christ did not atone for. One of them is having the sacred doctrine of polygamy revealed to you and then refusing to live it. For that the only salvation is blood atonement...your blood. If you do escape blood atonement your punishment doesn't end there. Your eternal damnation will be so great the human mind cannot comprehend or imagine it.
  2.  We were taught that we had our free agency, BUT after reading those doctrines and understanding them, we must choose and accept the consequences of our choice. You have your free agency so now choose, is like holding a gun to your head and saying, "Do you obey or do I shoot? Your choice."

What They Don't Want You to Know About Polygamy