The Solution

Obviously Polygamy is a HUGE problem. Every problem has a solution, and Polygamy is no exception. I truley believe the answer lies in educating the public en mass. People can not correct a problem, until they know it exists! That is why I wrote my book.

It Starts with Welfare Laws

Once a large enough number of people understand what is truley going on with Polygamy in our country, we can change our welfare laws to put a stop to it. It's quite simple really.

  • Use DNA testing to prove who the father is before funds are received
  • Go back on the fathers assets/businesses/churches (that they own) etc... to pay for their own children
  • Verify that the women and children are actually receiving the funds, rather than their 'husbands' absconding with it
  • Require Polygamist Church leaders to support their own children 

The only reason Polygamy works as a 'business model' is because American tax payers are supporting them. If we cut off the free money and hold the men responsible for their offspring, the business model becomes unsustainable. It would naturally come to an end rather quickly.

Education is Key

As stated before, I wrote my book to show people what really goes on in Polygamy, but I can only reach so many people that way. I want to reach many, many more people! 

I believe the fastest and most effective way to do this is via a television series. Between myself and several other survivor/escapees of Polygamy, we have enough material to produce several seasons worth of tv series content. Several of us have already written books about it and are prepared to work together.

The stories are shocking. The stories are riveting. The stories are true. 

We just need a producer who is not afraid to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

How Can I Help?

Many have asked me how they can help. They want to know what can be done to get these women and children out of this life of slavery. My dear friend Doris Hanson, herself a survivor, is doing just that.

It's not enough to remove women and children from the enslavement of the fundamentalist polygamist churches, they must be de-programmed from the cult brainwashing instilled since childhood.

For women that are looking to escape, Doris is providing not only physical assistance, but psychological counseling to give them the emotional strength to follow through. This is an essential component for these women to gain true freedom from the bondage of fear and cult brain washing.

She has taken it upon herself to roll up her sleeves and do the hands on dirty work. Through Shield and Refuge Ministry, she has put together a team of people that are helping women and children escape, while giving them the tools they need to stay out of Polygamy for good!

She understands the indoctrination and what it takes to accomplish the task at hand. I couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments! If you wish to make a difference and support her efforts you can donate here. Any amount, large or small, helps change a life for the better forever.

Through education of the public and support of efforts like Doris Hanson, we CAN make a difference!

Ways to Help in Your Community

Empowerment Parenting

This timely book was written by Stephanie L Mann, a wonderful friend of mine who is deeply involved in an organization called 'Safe Kids Now'. They are dedicated to child protection for children everywhere. Her book teaches adults how to empower the children in their lives. It is available on Amazon.

A guide to creating healthy happy neighborhoods. Organize the kind of community you want to live in! Together we can build a safer, happier beautiful world! Available at Barns and Noble.

Adopt a Block