Financing Polygamy

How do Polygamists support all those children anyway? They don't. You do! Are you surprised? You are financing Polygamy with your own hard earned tax dollars through the multitude of welfare programs available to unwed mothers. 

Yes, I said unwed. Though a Polygamist man may have many, many wives, he is only legally married to one of them. States do not recognize Polygamy. Therefore every additional wife he marries is only recognized by the church. Because these marriages are not recognized by state law, any children that result are eligible for welfare, Medicaid, food stamps and the multitude of support services the State has to offer to single mothers with children.

Polygamists Don't Provide for Their Children - You Do

Polygamist women are expected to have children as often as is physically possible for as long as is possible. Every year, you pay for more and more polygamist children on welfare. The average Polygamist man has several children born to his wives every year as per demand of the church.

This costs American tax payers literally millions of dollars every year. And that cost expends every year as more and more children are born, as per church doctrine. 

Women Don't Handle the Money

Polygamist women are not to handle money. Only the church leaders or their husbands can handle money. Therefore, welfare funds are immediately taken from her and doled out as 'he' sees fit. This is why so many live in poverty. The men always take more than they give.

Tax Evasion

Did you know that Polygamists are masters at tax evasion? They call it "Bleeding the Beast". Here are a few of their dirty little tricks:

Homes are not taxed until they are completed. Therefore, it's common for those in Polygamists owned communities to never finish the houses they put their wives in. This way they avoid paying property taxes indefinitely. 

Here's another ploy. Many Polygamist communities commonly use child labor in their church run businesses. These children are NOT compensated for their labor. In polygamy, free and donated labor is mandatory by the church.

Mandatory labor was never meant to be tax free.

Thus the church coffers grow exponentially, because they do not pay wages or employment taxes like legitimate businesses do. These are just two examples of how the cult plays the game of tax evasion.

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