Born in Polygamy

A True Crime Autobiography

I was born a slave, sold as a slave and bred as a slave in the United States of America. My life is not unique. There are literally thousands of us. In the name of freedom of religion, our only choice is obey or be destroyed. Blind obedience is required to save us from eternal damnation, and if we don’t comply, then our only redemption is Blood Atonement (to be killed) to save our evil souls.

Murder, theft, child molest and other crimes flourish among our 'holy people'. The constitutional rights of the victims remain non existent. American courts continue to uphold the rights of the perpetrators, as it is all done in the name of Freedom of Religion. 

Find out what really goes on behind closed doors in Polygamy with my tell all book, 'Born in Polygamy' on Amazon. The truth will shock you!

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